I love apps. So do my sons. I bet you do too!
I was running another blog when I realized the posts I liked most were app reviews. So, here we are- a place just for the reviews! The reviews I did on the other blog are listed on the right.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Animation HD

I love the idea of an app that can take my mediocre skill and turn it into something awesome-ish. Animation HD is easy to use and has an end product that is easy to share.

Here is a hoping frog I made in five minutes. I will start with a screen shot. The tools should be familiar to anyone used to art type programs: different types of "brush", layers, fading, etc as well as the additional add/create frames part there at the bottom.

Frog hop ex

YouTube example drawing

If you like to create new things this is an absolutely fun app.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Castle of Illusion staring Mickey Mouse.

I played one...level... I guess and was blown away by the graphics and game play. Unfortunately my modest mini iPad couldn't handle the program and would toss me out of the game unexpectedly. If you have a new iPad this game will probably work for you. At $9.99 you may not want to risk it.

I was impressed enough that I will keep trying with each new iOS update in hopes of the game working.

iTunes link

I have had the chance to play this game on my phone. The phone is not the best device for this game- the graphics and motion controls are best on a bigger screen. In fact, I am unable to get past the second level's boss and I think it is because the controls on the phone just don't cut it. Well, and also I am not exactly a serious gamer.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Toca Boca Hair Salon Me

I am trying out a new format for my reviews. I am still working out some bugs- such as videoing the game action itself without inverting the image…

Bottom line for Toca Boca Hair Salon Me: totally worth the buy and probably will be continued fun (and thus, "appily (ever) after".

 Here are some finished products I made while testing out the app: