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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Little Inferno

There is something about this game that pulls you in. The graphics are beautiful and entertaining. The game play is simple if not a little odd (how did they make playing with fire fun?).

This game encourages playing with virtual fire, so of course a warning is needed regarding real fire.

The set up is that you have just purchased a Little Inferno fireplace for your home. You get to burn everything- the terms and conditions and the congrats on your purchase letter. When these are gone, you get a catalog. The items in the catalog are purchased using coins gained from burning items. The more items you use from the catalog, the more items that become unlocked.

You may have to wait for your catalog items to "arrive" and at times have to select cheaper items to save enough to try the more expensive ones or to afford the combinations the game will have you make to progress.

See that little spider? You can light that guy on fire for extra coins.

It feels weird to enjoy burning things. Even typing that sentence makes me feel deviant. That said- this game is highly entertaining. If you are looking for easy game play with no pressure- give this one a try.

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