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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Jelly Defense

I have had a great deal of fun playing this game. This game is at times quite hard but never impossible.

The set up is that there is an invading force trying to steal your gems. You have specific defense options and have to deploy your resources wisely.

There are fast critters and slow ones, ones that poof easily and ones that die hard. There are defense towers with a short reload time and others with a longer one. Sometimes you have to sell a defense tower, replace it with a different one with different capabilities, then sell that one and replace it with another. This game is a true strategy game.

And it is also cute and silly. I mean, look at how this invader responds to being defeated- tears and drama...followed by an exaggerated splat.

Watch out though! It doesn't take long before the invading forces test your abilities and make off with your precious gems! In this level I made it through almost all the invaders until the second to last wave swamped my defenders. You can see my last few gems being carried away at the bottom.

If I had to pick something to dislike, I would argue for the ability to pick defense positions rather than being limited to the propositioned circles open for your defenders. I have played through to the end of this game twice now, so when a level frustrates me I can rest assured that at some point I was victorious.

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