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Friday, February 14, 2014

Bugs and Buttons 1 & 2

These two apps are completely awesome.

This is the first one. There are three pages of games to pick from. Select the explore button- the play button launches a random game.

The letter train tests your alphabet skills.

The maze game it loads of fun. The line representing the path you draw stops if you touch a wall. From time to time a dragonfly buzzes by and if you touch him he say "excuse me!" Which my son finds hilarious.

I think one of the appealing aspects of the app is the range of bugs used. Not just dragonflies and ladybugs- roaches too!

Many of the games have clear educational skills involved.

Others, like this bee flinging game, are more fun than specifically educational. You pull the string back, aim, and let go.

The second app starts similarly.

Again there are three pages of games.

The puppet show game has a "Simon Says" aspect that is awesome and engaging.

Ant Herd is one of my son's go to games. The goal is to move the obstacles out of the way. When the ants strike an obstacle you lose those ants.

Oh, and this one is just plain fun. Use the controls to drive a little car. You can bump into things like other cars or vegetables or you can test your driving skills and try to avoid hitting anything.

There are more educationally based games as well, like sorting and counting. This is a counting game:

I have only touched on the games available inside these to apps. I highly recommend both.